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Cornerstone Supports

Local Missionaries
Stuart, Creston, and Atlantic, Iowa
Mission: Offering Hope to Those Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

Regional Missionaries 
  • Central District of the  Evangelical Free Churches of America
Mission: Planting Evangelical Free Churches in Iowa and surrounding states.

National Missionaries
  • EFCA National Evangelical Free Church of America
Mission: The EFCA movement exists to glorify God by multiplying healthy churches among all people.

International Missionaries
  • One-Way Evangelistic Ministries
Jerry, Kathy, Daniel, Bekah and Isaiah Singh
Mission: To present the Lord Jesus Christ as the world's only Savior, exclusively, unequivocally and uncompromisingly. The premise of this ministry is structured upon John 14:6.  Jesus said unto him, "I am the way the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

  • HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation)
Colin and Carla Wilson
Mission: To work alongside the Haitian people, teaching agricultural skills and integrating Christ into every aspect of life.

  • The Light Center
Marcus, Bum & Tyler, James Fey
The Light Center is a crisis pregnancy and maternity home in Thailand. It's mission is to give hope to young women in crisis pregnancy situations in Northeast Thailand by providing guidance and counsel within a Gospel-centered community of trust.

  • EMI (Engineering Ministries International)
Andrew and Shannon Jensen
Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is a non-profit Christian development organization made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction mangers who use their skills to serve the least reached worldwide. They design hospitals, schools, water systems, and many other facilities that enable our Christian ministry partners to fulfill their calling and transform their communities. 

  • EFCA Reach Global 
Steve and Diana Hudson
Steve and Diana work with EFCA Reach Global where they work to train pastors and leaders in over 40 countries.

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